A full range of services for an effective and efficient office fit-out

Our design approach to modernising and updating any type of building is one we take very seriously. It's crucial for future-proofing your network, as well as guaranteeing reliable cabling that will last through years (and generations!) in this day and age when you need it most!

From the initial consultation through to a fully managed project, our consultants will work with you one-on-one

We understand the importance of having a quality and reliable cabling structure, which is why our trained technicians are ready to help you set up your new office fit-out project with ease. We'll design your cabling system to meet strict installation guidelines. We can also work with you in order to provide better and smarter solutions, which will reduce costs while enhancing the efficiency at hand! And with our team of tech geniuses, you'll never have to worry about a pesky cable getting in the way again. Our project managers will work with your construction and other fit-out teams so all installations are done on time - every dollar spent counts!

We help you achieve the workspace your business deserves

Let us get your workplace running smoothly and efficiently. We offer a full range of services from the design, through cable laying to installation so you can focus on other things while we do it all. Forget about messy comms rooms with tangled cables - let our team sort everything out for you in an organised manner that will leave future-proofing intact too. If there's one thing companies need right now it's good communications between employees, contractors, suppliers and the likes -

but how does that happen when buildings and offices are outdated or not up-to-date. If you want your office fit-out complete with custom cabling solutions, reach out to the team at IDC Solutions because nobody does it better.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to organise our office move. How do I move my IT?

IDC Solutions offers a complete solution supporting your move, managing the re- connectivity and equipment relocation.

How can I determine my company's new network and cabling needs?

Your current bandwidth needs, your network environment, your future bandwidth needs and your budget determine the type of cabling you need.


Your network’s bandwidth depends on the number of workstations connected to it, and the type and volume of the data they use. A small network of 8 workstations will usually need a much lower bandwidth than a network of 75 workstations. However, if those 8 workstations belong to a multimedia company where designs and videos are in regular use, they will demand more bandwidth than a similar-sized company principally using Word.


You can assess your network traffic using a network analyser like the Network Monitor utility built into Windows servers, or a product such as Ethereal (available free), Network General Fast Ethernet Sniffer, Cinco NetXRay, AG Group EtherPeek, Novell LANalyzer for Windows or Intel LANDesk Traffic Analyst. Whichever product you choose, be sure to assess data over several days, or weeks, and at different times of the day to get the most complete picture.


Once you have assessed your bandwidth, you need to examine your environment to decide on the most suitable type of cabling. Optical fibre offers the fastest bandwidth and “future proofing”, but is prone to transmission problems if it gets dirty or scratched, making it unsuitable in dirty or dusty environments. Twisted copper mediums like Cat5e or Cat6 are harder wearing, but can be susceptible to high RF (radio frequency) and EMI (electromagnetic interference), so they are not advised in environments where equipment will interfere with their operation, such as hospitals.


Don’t forget to consider your future bandwidth needs. Replacing your cabling is an expensive process, so allowing extra capacity at the start can save you a lot of money. Knowing about your company’s long-term aims will help you to make a realistic estimate. More employees mean more bandwidth. More bandwidth-hungry software and files means more again.


When you’re planning and managing your budget, always remember that with something as costly and important as IT, it really is vital to get it right the first time. The wrong cabling or too limited a network will end up costing you more than if you spend a little extra to get it right in the first place.[1] [SG2] 

This is from the existing FAQs on the website. Would you like to keep it?

 [SG2]I think this is a good base to start with. It could be modified later.

Should I install Wi-Fi points or data points in my new office fitout?

Depending upon the number of people and the available bandwidth & channels on the Wi-Fi Point, we recommend the use of wired data points for permanent connections such as PCs or telephones, Wi-Fi points are recommended for spaces with mobile devices, laptops & hot desks as it allows more freedom to move around. Wi-Fi points still require a data point to be wired to it but have a more extensive range than a fixed data point.

At what point in the project should I contact the cabling contractors?

Planning your communications cabling should be done at the same time that you plan your electrical needs, construction changes, and modular furniture. IDC Solutions can assist you in the planning of your cabling infrastructure  if we are brought into the loop early in the process.

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