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We're the company you can trust to get your AV equipment installed and working just right. From customising sound systems, installing displays or simply removing cables from walls - we've got it all under control.

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Our team of professionals at IDC Solutions will get your immersive AV installation up and running quickly, so you can continue doing what you do best. All it takes is one call, and we will help you find the right solutions for your business. We are the go-to team for all your audiovisual needs. From small projects with a few thousand dollars worth of equipment to large installations that could cost millions - our competitive service-level agreements will ensure maximum quality every time! We have the expertise when it comes to all types of equipment and take great pride in our high standards work, knowing you'll be happy with the final result. A few tweaks here or there, a little creativity - it's all ours.

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When it comes to the durability and functionality of your AV equipment, we're always on top. So in order for you not to break into a sweat worrying about whether or not something will hold up in time - just let us take care of business. There is nothing more frustrating than broken or malfunctioning AV equipment, trust us. We have all had that moment where, boom - suddenly the screen goes black and the audio drops out. But don't worry; our technicians are here to help fix everything, and it doesn't just end there. Just like regular maintenance does for physical appliances such as cars or ovens -

keeping them running smoothly saves time and money down the line by preventing malfunctions before they happen rather than having someone come out after an emergency has already occurred. Our preventative maintenance will ensure everything stays running smoothly without any major issues arising.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an AV installation worth the cost?

For most home and business owners, they find the return investment for an AV installation is absolutely worth it. There are a number of benefits to consider when weighing the cost-effectiveness of the installation and since the results will vary depending on individual tastes and needs, you should always consult IDC Solutions for more information before deciding what's best for you, your business and your team.

What are the top 3 things you should think about when installing an AV system?
  1. The goals and objectives of the installation - is the AV system designed to be a temporary setup, or do you want to install an audio and visual system that will last?
  2. Physical constraints - is there sufficient space for the necessary components or are they required to be hidden? What's your approach to dealing with decorative consideration in the room where you're installing this equipment?
  3. Budget - there is a huge range in the cost of an AV system and for good video and sound it can be a substantial investment
What are some common AV installation mistakes that businesses make?

Some common AV installation mistakes people make include:

  • Cutting corners by not covering all components of an AV installation. This can lead to video hiccups, audio drops and other issues
  • Not having a backup plan such as a reliable backup power source for emergency situations or replacement equipment.
  • Incorrectly estimating power needs
  • Lack of input/feedback during the design process, leading to specialised rack designs that require more than one person to assemble and install
  • Disregarding fire code regulations when installing both equipment and furniture
  • Planning for scalability
Do you need to have AV installations completed professionally?

Absolutely. If not, you could end up with a variety of simple to complicated problems like picture or sound interference, wires bouncing around and getting into everything, faulty wiring that can start fires, expensive repair costs for something that should come with a warranty.

Case Studies

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