Infrastructure Audits

It’s time to get an expert opinion.

The goal of an audit is not just to provide answers but also identify future opportunities that may be poorly understood or actively managed so particular attention is paid towards potential gaps and best methods for closing them up.

Our experts will review your network and systems to prevent downtime and improve overall performance

An infrastructure audit performed by our experienced team at IDC Solutions, can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation’s network infrastructure, cabling and equipment. With our thorough and detailed audit process, we can come up with actionable recommendations on how you can optimise your business for success, now and in the future. Going beyond the physical aspects of your infrastructure, we can assess security risks, hardware vulnerabilities and software performance, ensuring that your facility is running efficiently at all times. Our trained team has the right technology and resources to audit a variety of organisations of many different sizes, planning out the process to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

The best solution for your infrastructure audit needs.

We are the trusted experts with years of experience in IT, to guide you through the process from beginning to end with your business’s best interests in mind. An infrastructure audit is a systematic examination of the current situation and a projection of what the future will look like. It consists not only of hardware and software but also other components such as networks, data centres, applications, databases and so on. This provides us with information about your IT infrastructure’s capacity to evolve or expand in order to better serve the company needs.

An advantage of using IDC Solutions for your infrastructure audit needs is that we understand the importance of a planned and timely audit. We like to keep the process running smoothly so we can quickly identify where you need to take corrective actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to audit cabling and equipment before relocating?

Absolutely!! Experience has taught us to always check. It saves time and money.

What is involved in an infrastructure audit?

We will perform end to end audits of all aspects of your IT Infrastructure, outlining hardware make/model and serial numbers to end to end cabling connectivity, all documented.

Is the audit completed on site?

Our experienced, highly qualified technicians will attend your site to carry out a thorough inspection of your racks and cabling to ensure that you have the correct and up-to-date information for your infrastructure.

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IDC Solutions has helped a range of clients to take control and work smarter with a consultative approach, ensuring you save time, money & resources when developing new ideas or features for your business. Find out how.

Expert Electrical Services

We’re the team to call if you need electrical services. Our team of trained electricians can handle a range of electrical services from small to medium sized projects, state and national rollouts or even installations that require some heavy duty equipment.

Reliable Solutions for your business needs

At IDC Solutions, our client services department offers a wide range of services to fit your business needs. We will always make sure the right team members are allocated to your job to ensure that everything runs smoothly with minimal disruption and downtime for your workplace. Our skilled electricians can help with small to medium sized projects as well as state and national rollouts alike. From energy management systems, design and construct services to LV, MV and HV installations, our team has an answer to many of your electrical issues. Our electricians can help with a 24-hour service ensuring everything runs smoothly and there is minimal downtime for your business.

You can rely on our services to get the job done right

We are the ultimate provider for all of your digital needs, in the same place. From installation and maintenance, to designing new cables or repositioning old ones; we do it right! We know how important it is – which is why you can trust us with any electrical issues that arise in your facility as well as scheduled inspections on an ongoing basis so there are no surprises down the line. Our team can also manage anything else related specifically to networking equipment upgrades/downgrades and more.

Our skilled team has extensive experience working within the industry so you can rest assured that nothing less than excellence awaits when dealing with such professionals at IDC Solutions. And because we are invested in all of your digital needs, you can contact us to discuss all the different ways we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What electrical services do you provide?

We provide a range of services (in addition to those mentioned above) including power, lighting, switchboards and much more. If you have a specific service in mind, reach out to us for more information on how we can help.

What are the advantages to testing and tagging electrical equipment?

It is important to make sure your equipment operates at maximum efficiency in order for you not to be delayed when it comes time for major repairs. Testing and tagging will help with this process by catching minor problems before they can cause any delays or disruptions of normal business activities.

At what point in the project should I contact the cabling contractors?

Planning your communications cabling should be done at the same time that you plan your electrical needs, construction changes, and modular furniture. IDC Solutions can assist you in the planning of your cabling infrastructure if we are brought into the loop early in the process.

Case Studies

IDC Solutions has helped a range of clients to take control and work smarter with a consultative approach, ensuring you save time, money & resources when developing new ideas or features for your business. Find out how.


Reliable fault finding and repair service.

We get it. Sometimes things go wrong and they may seem impossible to find. Our team of reliable and experienced professionals are ready to assist in fault finding and repairs to your network infrastructure to ensure your IT runs smoothly.

Troubleshooting made easy

Fault finding and repairs is simply when a service or device isn’t working correctly and technicians try to find the source of the problem. This process includes steps such as inspection, testing, diagnosis, repair and replacement. Malfunctioning programs or equipment can lead to downtime, loss of revenue and decreased efficiency in the workplace. IDC Solutions comes in when there is an issue with hardware such as computer systems, servers or network hardware; we can help locate components that are broken or not assembled properly. We also provide support services to our customers for scheduled maintenance on existing equipment or upgrades for new equipment to keep your business running smoothly all year round.

Professional, reliable and experienced service

If you’re looking for a professional business solution to find faults and repairs in IT, IDC Solutions is the answer. Our company offers dependable, affordable solutions to help your business grow faster with quality performance from reliable trained technicians. We have been serving customers for over 40 years so it’s easy to see why we have become a top provider in the industry. We understand that in today’s information age, sustaining an organisation’s stability is crucial, so we have developed a diverse range of services to maintain business continuity with cutting-edge technology.

We provide our customers with secure, managed IT services not only when they need them but also when they don’t!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you repair faults outside of business hours?

Our technicians are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. So depending on the fault or repair needed, we may be able to assist you remotely. Find out more about our remote systems configuration solution . If it can’t be done remotely, get in touch with the team to discuss a timely solution to your problem.

Link to Remote Systems Configuration

What type of fault finding and repairs do you need help with?

We offer comprehensive solutions for your IT needs that provide quick response to your problems as well as planned preventive maintenance. Whether you need basic maintenance or complex troubleshooting…we’ve got you covered!

Is there something wrong with your network configuration?

There is no such thing as a bad network configuration. But we will admit that there are many problems outside of the network’s configuration that might be causing your problem. Book a consultation with our friendly team to find out more about the issues you are having and how they can be repaired.

Case Studies

IDC Solutions has helped a range of clients to take control and work smarter with a consultative approach, ensuring you save time, money & resources when developing new ideas or features for your business. Find out how.


Don’t mess with your IT. Let us do it for you!

Relocating and consolidating your IT infrastructure can be a timely and challenging task, but with the help of IDC Solutions, you can focus on the other challenges at hand and leave the technical stuff behind.

We offer a wide range of services that will simplify your process and reduce costs

When your company is looking to move data centers, it’s important that they choose the right service providers. IDC Solutions can offer assistance throughout this critical period from de-installation of rack mounted servers and associated rails/cabling up through re-installation at new locations with guidance on risk management for smooth execution – ensuring you’re getting expert help in all aspects! Our services include:

●      Survey & inventory identification

●      Relocation summary and timeline

●      Asset tag

●      De-installation of equipment

●      Removal of associated rails and cabling

●      Freight sensitive transport

●      Re-installation of equipment

●      Re-cabling and testing

We will keep the process simple and straightforward so that we can get your data centre up and running as soon as possible to minimise any disruption to the business.

Our experienced team offers the best solutions in the industry

We know you’re busy so if you need a professional opinion when considering infrastructure relocation and consolidation, IDC Solutions has the resources to help. You can feel confident in our commitment to providing you with world class IT service because we are there every step of the way during the process… from evaluating requirements all the way through to delivery and ongoing support of your IT equipment. Allow us to set up your equipment and software in the best way possible to ensure your efficiency now and in the future.

Once setup is complete, we have a range of other solutions available to maintain, troubleshoot and evolve your IT infrastructure. Discover our range of solutions and services that can be tailored to suit your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to relocate infrastructure?

It can be a daunting task when it comes to relocating your infrastructure, however our team endeavour to make the transition smooth and simple. We will give you assistance and advice at every step of the process to prevent major disruptions and help you comfortably relocate.

How does a company ensure that their data is secure during a relocation or consolidation project?

The best way for a company to ensure the safety of their data during relocation is to use a professional company that has experience in the task. IDC Solutions has been in the business of making sure businesses have peace of mind when surrounded by potential risk for over 40 years, and is fully experienced with any conceivable disaster scenario that can befall companies.

What are the biggest challenges you face when relocating to a new data center?

Some of the biggest challenges that data center operators face when moving to a new data center are:

  1. Developing the right migration plan.
  2. Taking all necessary precautions before, during and after migration.
  3. Addressing any downstream consequences of migrations.
What should I consider when planning our office’s IT relocation, to keep within budget and meet the deadlines?

Good planning will help your relocation go smoothly and avoid unnecessary costs and lost productivity. An IT move is more complex than simply moving furniture from one place to another. The first step in IDC Solutions’ planning is to consider three essential things:

  1. Your organisation’s current technology needs.
  2. Your organisation’s future technology and infrastructure needs.
  3. Your budget.

Assess your new location in detail. Will the network infrastructure of the previous tenants be sufficient for you? For example, if you work in multimedia you may need to rewire the entire office if you are taking it over from an administrative company that needs only minimal bandwidth.

Ask your property manager for a detailed property plan, showing voice and data network jacks, and electrical outlets. Alternatively, draw your own plan, being careful to measure rooms accurately and show the layout of the existing infrastructure. Mark any areas where you think there may not be enough power and network access. Use the plan to try different configurations of equipment, in consultation with your co-workers and staff. And use it to plan ahead – such as adding network wiring and access points to currently unused areas, so you are ready for future office expansion.

If you plan on keeping your servers at your office, make sure you have a suitable server room. Check that your servers will fit and that it has good independent air conditioning, i.e. a supply that won’t turn warm in Winter or that air conditioning can be installed. Will the room need more data drops and is there capacity for additional servers in the future?

When it comes to installing network and phone cables, involve your installers and network professionals as soon as possible. Your pre-planning will help you to communicate your needs, both now and in the future, so that you can take advantage of their expertise when it comes to planning the implementation. A few hiccups are part of every move, but with a solid plan in place, you will reduce the potential for problems – and you will be able to resolve any that do arise much more efficiently.

Case Studies

IDC Solutions has helped a range of clients to take control and work smarter with a consultative approach, ensuring you save time, money & resources when developing new ideas or features for your business. Find out how.


Find a data cabling solution that works.

The world of tomorrow is upon us, and the right data cabling can ensure your business is ready for it. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current cabling, invest in new technology or just want some peace of mind that tomorrow’s changes won’t affect your workflow, IDC Solutions is here to help.

Better network design resulting in more efficient data cabling for increased productivity

Structured cabling is a network of cables that are strategically positioned and run through a building, office or campus (there are many more scenarios, but they are just a few to get started). The benefits of using structured cabling in data centres include:

●    Organisation and Labeling (did someone say OCD?)

●    Easier troubleshooting and problem diagnosis

●    High protection and fewer risks of disruption to the system

●    Increased speed for data transmission between rooms or floors

●    Keeps redundant paths open

●    Safety (think lower fire risk or electrical hazards)

If you want to know more about structured cabling, we’ve got experts for that. Our team has been designing these solutions since before things like Wi-Fi or Internet were even cool.

Our Structured Data Cabling specialists are certified technicians with years of experience.

Our technicians and engineers provide a complete solution for installations, with their experience in the telecommunications and electrical industries as well as education and government sectors, to name a few. In addition to being highly trained experts who can handle any installation or maintenance needs you might have on your property, we boast an elite selection that includes relevant training from disciplines such as engineering – which is what separates IDC Solutions from every other provider out there.

Our team can install, maintain or repair any installation with quick turn-around times and competitive prices so you can rely on us for all of your data cabling needs now and in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling system or structured wiring refers to all cabling and components installed in a logical and organised way. It is designed to be relatively independent of the type of equipment that uses it.

Does IDC Solutions offer end to end cabling

Yes. IDC Solutions offers a complete turnkey cabling solution to meet the needs of our customers.

Does IDC only do cabling within data centres?

No. We also cater to residential, commercial and industrial customers, including office and factory fit-outs.

How do you dispose of old cabling?

Depending on the project and state of current cabling, we remove old cabling as part of a new installation. The old cabling is taken back to be segregated and recycled as appropriate.

Case Studies

IDC Solutions has helped a range of clients to take control and work smarter with a consultative approach, ensuring you save time, money & resources when developing new ideas or features for your business. Find out how.