Copper and Fibre Optic Installations

Stay ahead of technology, stay ahead of the competition.

Copper and fibre optic installations are technically complicated and require research, strategic expertise, practice with materials, as well as good knowledge of safety codes and universal standards. Let IDC Solutions take the guesswork out of this complicated procedure.

You need a copper and fibre installation company you can trust!

It is important to have your copper and fibre optic installations done professionally for many reasons; it’s not even possible to list all the benefits they provide. The truth is that front-end installation can make or break an organisation, leaving them light years ahead of the competition or left to languish in no man’s land. Whilst you may not see much difference between competitors, over time it will become clear that at IDC Solutions, we REALLY know what we are doing when it comes to your cables.

Whether it is copper or fibre optic cables, having them professionally installed and maintained could save you thousands in repair costs down the line.

We’ve got the right cables for you!

Installing the right high-performance cables plays a huge role in an organisation’s ability to compete in today’s digital world. Poorly designed cabling will not only experience downtime when things go wrong, but will also cost more to maintain. IDC Solutions has years of experience; with our industry best practices, so we make it easy for you to make accurate decisions when it comes to the type of cables you need. We know it’s a big decision, so we will guide you through the process to ensure that the right one is installed.

And when it comes to that difference? The right cables can prevent downtime and allow you to experience better connectivity, security and efficiency. A professional installation along with the right choice of cables, could also save you time and money. It’s a win win.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does IDC specialise in fibre optic cabling?

Yes. We have over 20 years of experience in all types of fibre optic technologies.

Why would I need to run an optical fibre cable as opposed to a copper data cable?

The standard for copper data cables can run at a maximum length of 90 metres before the signal needs to be boosted to maintain proper operation. Optical fibre cables can be run for many kilometres before requiring an amplified signal, and as such can be used to link multiple central points.

Is it hard to install copper or fibre optic cabling?

Installing copper and fibre optic cabling is a specialised job that requires a lot of experience and knowledge to install properly. Making connections with fragile wires can be a tedious task which can be time consuming and challenging. The right installation can save you time and money, whereas the wrong installation could cost downtime and lower efficiency.

What is the difference between Cat5, Cat6 and Cat6a?

The main difference is the speed of the connection. Cat5 has a maximum speed of 0.1GB/s, Cat6 1GBs, and Cat6a 10GB/s. Therefore, allowing reliability for current applications and higher data rates for future applications.

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IDC Solutions has helped a range of clients to take control and work smarter with a consultative approach, ensuring you save time, money & resources when developing new ideas or features for your business. Find out how.


Your infrastructure installation experts.

IDC Solutions has the experience and expertise to carry out all of your infrastructure installations. You can depend on us when it comes to your infrastructure, to ensure you get the right service, every time.

Your infrastructure installations done right

Infrastructure installation is the process of building a framework for an organisation’s IT needs. The main aim is to identify and meet all current and future technology needs as well as integrate new systems as they are introduced into the organisation. As we know, IT infrastructure is the backbone of many companies and if it is not installed correctly, there can be many negative consequences. IDC Solutions has been in business for over 40 years and we take great pride in the quality work that we do. When it comes to infrastructure installation, we can find the right solution for you and your organisation to keep you ahead of the competition.

When it comes to your IT needs, trust us to get the job done

One of the most significant things you can do to protect your company is the installation of an IT infrastructure. We will help ensure that you have a secure and reliable IT foundation for your business ventures today, tomorrow and throughout the years. With every installation we conduct, we make sure all systems are properly installed, we install comprehensive server maintenance programs to maintain solid performance as new problems arise and last, but not least,

we diligently apply software updates as they are release from developers on a timely basis so that all of the systems in use have the latest protection against invaders.

What does this mean? You can focus all of your attention on more important things and leave the IT issues to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does infrastructure installation take?

IDC Solutions has the experience and expertise to complete your project as quickly as possible. Their team of dedicated, experienced consultants can not only install your infrastructure but bring it into compliance with industry standards and even train you on how to use it! You can discuss specific needs and time frames in a consultation with our team.

Why is it important to have your infrastructure installation completed professionally?

Our professional team will provide the best level of service for your infrastructure installation ensuring your connections are reliable, secure and most importantly, uninterrupted. Sure, you could save money with an unqualified installer however in the long run, it may cost you a whole lot more.

How do you maintain an infrastructure installation?

The truth is, this largely depends on how much time, money and equipment you have to carry out your maintenance programme. IDC Solutions can work alongside your team for planned maintenance to keep your infrastructure up to date and well maintained.

Case Studies

IDC Solutions has helped a range of clients to take control and work smarter with a consultative approach, ensuring you save time, money & resources when developing new ideas or features for your business. Find out how.

Infrastructure Audits

It’s time to get an expert opinion.

The goal of an audit is not just to provide answers but also identify future opportunities that may be poorly understood or actively managed so particular attention is paid towards potential gaps and best methods for closing them up.

Our experts will review your network and systems to prevent downtime and improve overall performance

An infrastructure audit performed by our experienced team at IDC Solutions, can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation’s network infrastructure, cabling and equipment. With our thorough and detailed audit process, we can come up with actionable recommendations on how you can optimise your business for success, now and in the future. Going beyond the physical aspects of your infrastructure, we can assess security risks, hardware vulnerabilities and software performance, ensuring that your facility is running efficiently at all times. Our trained team has the right technology and resources to audit a variety of organisations of many different sizes, planning out the process to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

The best solution for your infrastructure audit needs.

We are the trusted experts with years of experience in IT, to guide you through the process from beginning to end with your business’s best interests in mind. An infrastructure audit is a systematic examination of the current situation and a projection of what the future will look like. It consists not only of hardware and software but also other components such as networks, data centres, applications, databases and so on. This provides us with information about your IT infrastructure’s capacity to evolve or expand in order to better serve the company needs.

An advantage of using IDC Solutions for your infrastructure audit needs is that we understand the importance of a planned and timely audit. We like to keep the process running smoothly so we can quickly identify where you need to take corrective actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to audit cabling and equipment before relocating?

Absolutely!! Experience has taught us to always check. It saves time and money.

What is involved in an infrastructure audit?

We will perform end to end audits of all aspects of your IT Infrastructure, outlining hardware make/model and serial numbers to end to end cabling connectivity, all documented.

Is the audit completed on site?

Our experienced, highly qualified technicians will attend your site to carry out a thorough inspection of your racks and cabling to ensure that you have the correct and up-to-date information for your infrastructure.

Case Studies

IDC Solutions has helped a range of clients to take control and work smarter with a consultative approach, ensuring you save time, money & resources when developing new ideas or features for your business. Find out how.

Remote Systems Configurations

Complete remote systems configurations.

IDC Solutions has a team of technicians and engineers that service all major capital cities and regional areas. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day you can rely on IDC experts for timely assistance.

IT Management Made Easy

Managing your IT infrastructure doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. IDC Solutions can help respond to incidents, observe or report indicators on equipment, observe environments and perform hardware reboots, plus much more. A remote system configuration is the process of configuring a computer that isn’t in front of you. Doing this removes the need to walk behind desks, carry heavy server boxes to move them around for configuration, and use software tools within your LAN environment – all while avoiding the disruption of open workstation sessions by opening applications.

IDC Solutions offers remote system configurations based on your company’s needs whilst supporting teams with technical assistance through any implementation issues or questions they may have.

If there is a problem, our team of experts are ready to help 24/7

In this fast-paced world, there is no time to waste. That is why IDC solutions have experts ready at a moment’s notice to help with any of your IT problems that your business might be facing. Our team of trained professionals have vast experience that spans multiple industries, so if you have an issue or need advice on how best to tackle a situation, they are here for you. Regardless of the size of your company or what industry it operates in, our experts understand the challenges you face every day and will provide the guidance necessary so that your business and employee’s can thrive.

No problem is too big for our team, and we will help you get to the bottom of any issue you may be experiencing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does IDC Solutions operate?

We operate in all the major capital cities.

Why are remote hands beneficial?

Remote system configuration is the act of configuring software or hardware independently of their present location, often via commands given via internet connection. Remote systems are typically configured remotely for increased efficiency in business. Not only does configuring a remote system save time and money, but it also saves desk space by not having to store the equipment away between uses.

Can I get help outside of standard business hours?

You will have access to our technicians 365 days a year, that’s why many respected organisations choose IDC Solutions.

Case Studies

IDC Solutions has helped a range of clients to take control and work smarter with a consultative approach, ensuring you save time, money & resources when developing new ideas or features for your business. Find out how.

Expert Electrical Services

We’re the team to call if you need electrical services. Our team of trained electricians can handle a range of electrical services from small to medium sized projects, state and national rollouts or even installations that require some heavy duty equipment.

Reliable Solutions for your business needs

At IDC Solutions, our client services department offers a wide range of services to fit your business needs. We will always make sure the right team members are allocated to your job to ensure that everything runs smoothly with minimal disruption and downtime for your workplace. Our skilled electricians can help with small to medium sized projects as well as state and national rollouts alike. From energy management systems, design and construct services to LV, MV and HV installations, our team has an answer to many of your electrical issues. Our electricians can help with a 24-hour service ensuring everything runs smoothly and there is minimal downtime for your business.

You can rely on our services to get the job done right

We are the ultimate provider for all of your digital needs, in the same place. From installation and maintenance, to designing new cables or repositioning old ones; we do it right! We know how important it is – which is why you can trust us with any electrical issues that arise in your facility as well as scheduled inspections on an ongoing basis so there are no surprises down the line. Our team can also manage anything else related specifically to networking equipment upgrades/downgrades and more.

Our skilled team has extensive experience working within the industry so you can rest assured that nothing less than excellence awaits when dealing with such professionals at IDC Solutions. And because we are invested in all of your digital needs, you can contact us to discuss all the different ways we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What electrical services do you provide?

We provide a range of services (in addition to those mentioned above) including power, lighting, switchboards and much more. If you have a specific service in mind, reach out to us for more information on how we can help.

What are the advantages to testing and tagging electrical equipment?

It is important to make sure your equipment operates at maximum efficiency in order for you not to be delayed when it comes time for major repairs. Testing and tagging will help with this process by catching minor problems before they can cause any delays or disruptions of normal business activities.

At what point in the project should I contact the cabling contractors?

Planning your communications cabling should be done at the same time that you plan your electrical needs, construction changes, and modular furniture. IDC Solutions can assist you in the planning of your cabling infrastructure if we are brought into the loop early in the process.

Case Studies

IDC Solutions has helped a range of clients to take control and work smarter with a consultative approach, ensuring you save time, money & resources when developing new ideas or features for your business. Find out how.


Reliable fault finding and repair service.

We get it. Sometimes things go wrong and they may seem impossible to find. Our team of reliable and experienced professionals are ready to assist in fault finding and repairs to your network infrastructure to ensure your IT runs smoothly.

Troubleshooting made easy

Fault finding and repairs is simply when a service or device isn’t working correctly and technicians try to find the source of the problem. This process includes steps such as inspection, testing, diagnosis, repair and replacement. Malfunctioning programs or equipment can lead to downtime, loss of revenue and decreased efficiency in the workplace. IDC Solutions comes in when there is an issue with hardware such as computer systems, servers or network hardware; we can help locate components that are broken or not assembled properly. We also provide support services to our customers for scheduled maintenance on existing equipment or upgrades for new equipment to keep your business running smoothly all year round.

Professional, reliable and experienced service

If you’re looking for a professional business solution to find faults and repairs in IT, IDC Solutions is the answer. Our company offers dependable, affordable solutions to help your business grow faster with quality performance from reliable trained technicians. We have been serving customers for over 40 years so it’s easy to see why we have become a top provider in the industry. We understand that in today’s information age, sustaining an organisation’s stability is crucial, so we have developed a diverse range of services to maintain business continuity with cutting-edge technology.

We provide our customers with secure, managed IT services not only when they need them but also when they don’t!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you repair faults outside of business hours?

Our technicians are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. So depending on the fault or repair needed, we may be able to assist you remotely. Find out more about our remote systems configuration solution . If it can’t be done remotely, get in touch with the team to discuss a timely solution to your problem.

Link to Remote Systems Configuration

What type of fault finding and repairs do you need help with?

We offer comprehensive solutions for your IT needs that provide quick response to your problems as well as planned preventive maintenance. Whether you need basic maintenance or complex troubleshooting…we’ve got you covered!

Is there something wrong with your network configuration?

There is no such thing as a bad network configuration. But we will admit that there are many problems outside of the network’s configuration that might be causing your problem. Book a consultation with our friendly team to find out more about the issues you are having and how they can be repaired.

Case Studies

IDC Solutions has helped a range of clients to take control and work smarter with a consultative approach, ensuring you save time, money & resources when developing new ideas or features for your business. Find out how.


Don’t mess with your IT. Let us do it for you!

Relocating and consolidating your IT infrastructure can be a timely and challenging task, but with the help of IDC Solutions, you can focus on the other challenges at hand and leave the technical stuff behind.

We offer a wide range of services that will simplify your process and reduce costs

When your company is looking to move data centers, it’s important that they choose the right service providers. IDC Solutions can offer assistance throughout this critical period from de-installation of rack mounted servers and associated rails/cabling up through re-installation at new locations with guidance on risk management for smooth execution – ensuring you’re getting expert help in all aspects! Our services include:

●      Survey & inventory identification

●      Relocation summary and timeline

●      Asset tag

●      De-installation of equipment

●      Removal of associated rails and cabling

●      Freight sensitive transport

●      Re-installation of equipment

●      Re-cabling and testing

We will keep the process simple and straightforward so that we can get your data centre up and running as soon as possible to minimise any disruption to the business.

Our experienced team offers the best solutions in the industry

We know you’re busy so if you need a professional opinion when considering infrastructure relocation and consolidation, IDC Solutions has the resources to help. You can feel confident in our commitment to providing you with world class IT service because we are there every step of the way during the process… from evaluating requirements all the way through to delivery and ongoing support of your IT equipment. Allow us to set up your equipment and software in the best way possible to ensure your efficiency now and in the future.

Once setup is complete, we have a range of other solutions available to maintain, troubleshoot and evolve your IT infrastructure. Discover our range of solutions and services that can be tailored to suit your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to relocate infrastructure?

It can be a daunting task when it comes to relocating your infrastructure, however our team endeavour to make the transition smooth and simple. We will give you assistance and advice at every step of the process to prevent major disruptions and help you comfortably relocate.

How does a company ensure that their data is secure during a relocation or consolidation project?

The best way for a company to ensure the safety of their data during relocation is to use a professional company that has experience in the task. IDC Solutions has been in the business of making sure businesses have peace of mind when surrounded by potential risk for over 40 years, and is fully experienced with any conceivable disaster scenario that can befall companies.

What are the biggest challenges you face when relocating to a new data center?

Some of the biggest challenges that data center operators face when moving to a new data center are:

  1. Developing the right migration plan.
  2. Taking all necessary precautions before, during and after migration.
  3. Addressing any downstream consequences of migrations.
What should I consider when planning our office’s IT relocation, to keep within budget and meet the deadlines?

Good planning will help your relocation go smoothly and avoid unnecessary costs and lost productivity. An IT move is more complex than simply moving furniture from one place to another. The first step in IDC Solutions’ planning is to consider three essential things:

  1. Your organisation’s current technology needs.
  2. Your organisation’s future technology and infrastructure needs.
  3. Your budget.

Assess your new location in detail. Will the network infrastructure of the previous tenants be sufficient for you? For example, if you work in multimedia you may need to rewire the entire office if you are taking it over from an administrative company that needs only minimal bandwidth.

Ask your property manager for a detailed property plan, showing voice and data network jacks, and electrical outlets. Alternatively, draw your own plan, being careful to measure rooms accurately and show the layout of the existing infrastructure. Mark any areas where you think there may not be enough power and network access. Use the plan to try different configurations of equipment, in consultation with your co-workers and staff. And use it to plan ahead – such as adding network wiring and access points to currently unused areas, so you are ready for future office expansion.

If you plan on keeping your servers at your office, make sure you have a suitable server room. Check that your servers will fit and that it has good independent air conditioning, i.e. a supply that won’t turn warm in Winter or that air conditioning can be installed. Will the room need more data drops and is there capacity for additional servers in the future?

When it comes to installing network and phone cables, involve your installers and network professionals as soon as possible. Your pre-planning will help you to communicate your needs, both now and in the future, so that you can take advantage of their expertise when it comes to planning the implementation. A few hiccups are part of every move, but with a solid plan in place, you will reduce the potential for problems – and you will be able to resolve any that do arise much more efficiently.

Case Studies

IDC Solutions has helped a range of clients to take control and work smarter with a consultative approach, ensuring you save time, money & resources when developing new ideas or features for your business. Find out how.


We are the #1 choice for your rack installation needs

Our experience in the industry, our quality work and attention to detail make us the perfect choice for your rack installation needs. Our team of professionals have the knowledge to install your racks effectively and efficiently.

We can help with your rack installations

Racks are very common pieces of server equipment used for storing servers, routers, switches and other high density hardware. They come in various shapes and sizes depending on the needs of an organisation or installation. A rack designed for IT closets is usually cheaper than one that would be used for a data centre because it’s not as large. It is recommended to have the data rack professionally installed by IDC Solutions to prevent any mistakes being made which can be costly. We offer a range of professional data rack services that involve installation, maintenance and removal. The process involves determining the appropriate location to install the rack, locating cables in order to power up specific equipment and installing it in a safe manner.

You will be satisfied with our service.

If you are running a business or organisation, you want your equipment to be as secure as possible. A professional installer can ensure that the data rack is built with all of the right conditions to allow for a smooth and strong airflow and cable management along with environmental controls, so the equipment stays cool and dust free. Technology professionals often demand highly sensitive equipment, so it’s important to take necessary precautions in order to protect this specialized hardware, software and firmware once installed.

We here at IDC Solutions strive to maintain such professionalism by delivering premier quality of workmanship while providing an unsurpassed level of customer service that has transformed into our foremost priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of data centre equipment is installed on the racks?

A data center rack is essentially the framework which houses your IT equipment. Most racks hold servers, the equipment that makes up a data center, however often you may find equipment for network, power, cooling and telecommunications. You may also find backup power, cords and other IT equipment.

How many wires are needed to complete a data rack installation?

The number of cables will vary depending on the complexity of the rack design. If you have any specific details, feel free to reach out to the IDC Solutions team for assistance.

What do you think is the most important consideration when installing a new data rack?

The data rack chosen needs to match the physical needs, as far as space and power requirements. It is important to have zero downtime of the equipment and speedy time to complete the installation. Our professional team can discuss your requirements and offer solutions based on your needs.

Case Studies

IDC Solutions has helped a range of clients to take control and work smarter with a consultative approach, ensuring you save time, money & resources when developing new ideas or features for your business. Find out how.


Delivering a range of innovative AV installation solutions

We’re the company you can trust to get your AV equipment installed and working just right. From customising sound systems, installing displays or simply removing cables from walls – we’ve got it all under control.

We offer quality, cost-effective AV installations that exceed expectations

Our team of professionals at IDC Solutions will get your immersive AV installation up and running quickly, so you can continue doing what you do best. All it takes is one call, and we will help you find the right solutions for your business. We are the go-to team for all your audiovisual needs. From small projects with a few thousand dollars worth of equipment to large installations that could cost millions – our competitive service-level agreements will ensure maximum quality every time! We have the expertise when it comes to all types of equipment and take great pride in our high standards work, knowing you’ll be happy with the final result. A few tweaks here or there, a little creativity – it’s all ours.

Talk to us about the best AV installation services for your company.

When it comes to the durability and functionality of your AV equipment, we’re always on top. So in order for you not to break into a sweat worrying about whether or not something will hold up in time – just let us take care of business. There is nothing more frustrating than broken or malfunctioning AV equipment, trust us. We have all had that moment where, boom – suddenly the screen goes black and the audio drops out. But don’t worry; our technicians are here to help fix everything, and it doesn’t just end there. Just like regular maintenance does for physical appliances such as cars or ovens –

keeping them running smoothly saves time and money down the line by preventing malfunctions before they happen rather than having someone come out after an emergency has already occurred. Our preventative maintenance will ensure everything stays running smoothly without any major issues arising.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an AV installation worth the cost?

For most home and business owners, they find the return investment for an AV installation is absolutely worth it. There are a number of benefits to consider when weighing the cost-effectiveness of the installation and since the results will vary depending on individual tastes and needs, you should always consult IDC Solutions for more information before deciding what’s best for you, your business and your team.

What are the top 3 things you should think about when installing an AV system?
  1. The goals and objectives of the installation – is the AV system designed to be a temporary setup, or do you want to install an audio and visual system that will last?
  2. Physical constraints – is there sufficient space for the necessary components or are they required to be hidden? What’s your approach to dealing with decorative consideration in the room where you’re installing this equipment?
  3. Budget – there is a huge range in the cost of an AV system and for good video and sound it can be a substantial investment
What are some common AV installation mistakes that businesses make?

Some common AV installation mistakes people make include:

  • Cutting corners by not covering all components of an AV installation. This can lead to video hiccups, audio drops and other issues
  • Not having a backup plan such as a reliable backup power source for emergency situations or replacement equipment.
  • Incorrectly estimating power needs
  • Lack of input/feedback during the design process, leading to specialised rack designs that require more than one person to assemble and install
  • Disregarding fire code regulations when installing both equipment and furniture
  • Planning for scalability
Do you need to have AV installations completed professionally?

Absolutely. If not, you could end up with a variety of simple to complicated problems like picture or sound interference, wires bouncing around and getting into everything, faulty wiring that can start fires, expensive repair costs for something that should come with a warranty.

Case Studies

IDC Solutions has helped a range of clients to take control and work smarter with a consultative approach, ensuring you save time, money & resources when developing new ideas or features for your business. Find out how.


A full range of services for an effective and efficient office fit-out

Our design approach to modernising and updating any type of building is one we take very seriously. It’s crucial for future-proofing your network, as well as guaranteeing reliable cabling that will last through years (and generations!) in this day and age when you need it most!

From the initial consultation through to a fully managed project, our consultants will work with you one-on-one

We understand the importance of having a quality and reliable cabling structure, which is why our trained technicians are ready to help you set up your new office fit-out project with ease. We’ll design your cabling system to meet strict installation guidelines. We can also work with you in order to provide better and smarter solutions, which will reduce costs while enhancing the efficiency at hand! And with our team of tech geniuses, you’ll never have to worry about a pesky cable getting in the way again. Our project managers will work with your construction and other fit-out teams so all installations are done on time – every dollar spent counts!

We help you achieve the workspace your business deserves

Let us get your workplace running smoothly and efficiently. We offer a full range of services from the design, through cable laying to installation so you can focus on other things while we do it all. Forget about messy comms rooms with tangled cables – let our team sort everything out for you in an organised manner that will leave future-proofing intact too. If there’s one thing companies need right now it’s good communications between employees, contractors, suppliers and the likes –

but how does that happen when buildings and offices are outdated or not up-to-date. If you want your office fit-out complete with custom cabling solutions, reach out to the team at IDC Solutions because nobody does it better.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to organise our office move. How do I move my IT?

IDC Solutions offers a complete solution supporting your move, managing the re- connectivity and equipment relocation.

How can I determine my company’s new network and cabling needs?

Your current bandwidth needs, your network environment, your future bandwidth needs and your budget determine the type of cabling you need.


Your network’s bandwidth depends on the number of workstations connected to it, and the type and volume of the data they use. A small network of 8 workstations will usually need a much lower bandwidth than a network of 75 workstations. However, if those 8 workstations belong to a multimedia company where designs and videos are in regular use, they will demand more bandwidth than a similar-sized company principally using Word.


You can assess your network traffic using a network analyser like the Network Monitor utility built into Windows servers, or a product such as Ethereal (available free), Network General Fast Ethernet Sniffer, Cinco NetXRay, AG Group EtherPeek, Novell LANalyzer for Windows or Intel LANDesk Traffic Analyst. Whichever product you choose, be sure to assess data over several days, or weeks, and at different times of the day to get the most complete picture.


Once you have assessed your bandwidth, you need to examine your environment to decide on the most suitable type of cabling. Optical fibre offers the fastest bandwidth and “future proofing”, but is prone to transmission problems if it gets dirty or scratched, making it unsuitable in dirty or dusty environments. Twisted copper mediums like Cat5e or Cat6 are harder wearing, but can be susceptible to high RF (radio frequency) and EMI (electromagnetic interference), so they are not advised in environments where equipment will interfere with their operation, such as hospitals.


Don’t forget to consider your future bandwidth needs. Replacing your cabling is an expensive process, so allowing extra capacity at the start can save you a lot of money. Knowing about your company’s long-term aims will help you to make a realistic estimate. More employees mean more bandwidth. More bandwidth-hungry software and files means more again.


When you’re planning and managing your budget, always remember that with something as costly and important as IT, it really is vital to get it right the first time. The wrong cabling or too limited a network will end up costing you more than if you spend a little extra to get it right in the first place.[1] [SG2] 

This is from the existing FAQs on the website. Would you like to keep it?

 [SG2]I think this is a good base to start with. It could be modified later.

Should I install Wi-Fi points or data points in my new office fitout?

Depending upon the number of people and the available bandwidth & channels on the Wi-Fi Point, we recommend the use of wired data points for permanent connections such as PCs or telephones, Wi-Fi points are recommended for spaces with mobile devices, laptops & hot desks as it allows more freedom to move around. Wi-Fi points still require a data point to be wired to it but have a more extensive range than a fixed data point.

At what point in the project should I contact the cabling contractors?

Planning your communications cabling should be done at the same time that you plan your electrical needs, construction changes, and modular furniture. IDC Solutions can assist you in the planning of your cabling infrastructure  if we are brought into the loop early in the process.

Case Studies

IDC Solutions has helped a range of clients to take control and work smarter with a consultative approach, ensuring you save time, money & resources when developing new ideas or features for your business. Find out how.