Gold Coast Airport Hotel – Rydges


The Challenge

Design and construct a flexible communications and AV system to suit

The Solution

Cabling network:

–       4 distribution locations for SCS (Structured cabling system) deployment

–       Copper and fibre optic vertical infrastructure

Copper Cabling

–       72 links for vertical infrastructure

–       670 links for horizontal infrastructure

–       Integrate BMS and plant monitoring into communications network

–       Deploy WI-FI network for entire hotel internal and external.

Fibre optic

–       72cores of OM4 for vertical infrastructure

–       Used Reticulation of communications and IPTV system

IP TV System

–       Supply and installation of Hotel IPTV systems

–       20 channels of Foxtel

–       51 local FTA channels

–       Integration of GC Airport flight information system for guest use.

–       Designed for future expansion of TV streaming services.

–       Deployment of 200+ screens


University of Western Sydney Relocation

The University of Western Sydney is an Australian multi-campus university in the Greater Western region of Sydney, Australia.

The Challenge

The university was relocating its on-campus network infrastructure to Macquarie Data Centre’s city-based data centre. The relocation was to be completed with:

  • minimum interruption to services;
  • accurate documentation of existing cabling infrastructure;
  • ·minimum risk of damage to equipment.

IDC had to coordinate the relocation of business-critical systems and connections after hours without disruption to services during business hours. The success of the project relied on the coordination of customer, data centre and IDC stakeholders.

The Solution

IDC Solutions provided industry expertise to facilitate relocation.  IDC Solutions assigned a dedicated team of engineers to plan, execute and follow-up with the network relocation. Dedicated project management resources coordinated all parties involved.

The project included:

  • Budget Preparation
  • Project Planning and Project Management
  • Facility Improvement Recommendations and Specifications
  • ·Vendor Coordination and Oversight
  • Server Systems Relocation and Setup
  • LAN/WAN establishment and testing
  • Structured copper cabling with 528 cables
  • Structured fibre optic cabling with 12 12-core cables and 4 24-core cables, along with splicing.
  • Providing power supply equipment into the customer’s racks.



Monash University is one of Australia’s leading universities and ranks among the world’s top 100. The university has a number of campuses, four of which are in Victoria, and one in Malaysia. Monash also has a research and teaching centre in Prato, Italy, a graduate research school in Mumbai, India and a graduate school in Suzhou, China. Monash University courses are also delivered at other locations, including South Africa. In total, it WS includes includes more than 60,000 students from over 170 countries, over 15,000 staff and an extensive network of more than 290,000 alumni.

The Outcome

Monash University was able to commission PATCH! MANAGER On-premise system and completed ETL (extract, transform, load) of more than 100,000 connections and thousands of network devices and IT equipment to the platform within the first 3 months. Subsequent upload of complex GIS records was made simple with native support of KML format, the university was able to address previous limitations such as rendering of tunnels and manholes. With PATCH MANAGER, the university was able to consolidate sparsely distributed information into a central repository, manage connectivity and IT assets more accurately and efficiently.

The Challenge

Challenge The foundation of this network is an intricate series of fibre and copper cabling interconnecting building, floors, and rooms to our external carriers of internet and communications. To manage such an extensive array of interconnectivity we rely on maps developed and updated by staff and contractors. These currently reside in various forms eg: spreadsheets, Visio diagrams, documents, etc. With multiple frequent changes around the network, of ten these cable maps can become outdated. This can add complexity, risk and time to major upgrade or change planning. To ensure professional management of the University’s cable assets eSolutions are looking to procure an online Enterprise Cable Management Tool to provide a detailed and accurate view of this infrastructure.

The Solution

IDC Solutions delivered PATCH MANAGER Connectivity and Asset Management solution to Monash University e-Solution division with starting capacity of 2,000 rack cabinets and 3,000 network switches. GIS systems such as NearMap and Google WMS were integrated using PATCH MANAGER GIS extension module to enable precise management of outside plant and wide area fibre ring networks. PATCH MANAGHER was also provisioned to be integrated with existing information services such as Archibus, Monash Webnet and various network management tools to allow for workflow automation and minimise operational overhead.



Telstra is Australia’s largest telecommunications which builds and operates telecommunications networks and data centres. Data centres have become increasingly more important to the business because of the rapid growth of digital content consumption and streaming services. According to Telstra Annual Report 2017, Telstra delivered over 5,000 petabytes of data on both fixed & mobile network each day, an increase of 40% compared to the year before.

The Outcome

EziBlank® hot aisle containment was a tremendous success with significantly improvement on cool-ing performance. The containment reduces the temperature fluctuation by 4.3°C or 73% and up to 35% saving on cooling energy costs. In addition, the real-time power monitoring also detected up 18kW of wasted energy due to in-correct configuration of the CRAC units. The success of this pilot study had instigated an energy efficiency initiative within Telstra Sustainability Business unit to incorporate new air flow management strategies inspired by EziBlank® solutions and also helped shaping operational strategies for data centre management group.

The Challenge

With the consumption of digital services continue to grow at an unprecedented rate, enabling efficiency

across all areas of data centre has become a business priority. IDC Solutions with more than 20 years data centre services experience was engaged by to conduct a case study of hot aisle containment using EziBlank® containment solution at Telstra Windsor T.E (Telecommunication Exchange). Windsor T.E. houses some of the high-performance data halls, with power density ranging from 2.5kW to 10kW per equipment rack, a H3 suite of 150kW capacity was selected as a the subject of this study. The immediate challenges faced by the project engineers were to seamlessly integrate a power monitoring system into the highly sensitive power & IT systems for measurement & verification and the feasibility of retrofitting airflow management components into a custom-build DC environment.

The Solution

IDC Solutions installed power monitoring systems – a high accuracy energy/power data with zero interference to the 24/7 mission-critical infrastructure. On the airflow management side, EziBlank® containment solution was the only data centre ready solution in the market that could be retrofitted into any custom-build environments. IDC Solutions retrofitted EziBlank® blanking panels into vacant spaces within rack cabinets and EziBlank® Wall rack substitute panels were erected in air conditioned areas without rack cabinets.

Optimal hot aisle containment was achieved without out downtime or major works, EziBlank® installations were mostly plug-n-play where some small areas required minor modification. Customer & insurance underwriter were also satisfied with EziBlank® panels that are tested to UL-94 standards to be used without adverse risk within the mission critical facility.